Your session may include stretches and moderate exercise, so dress as if you're going to the gym. Suggested clothing includes: Shoulders-tank tops or loose T-shirt to be able to expose shoulder. Knee-shorts or loose pants that can be pulled up over the knee.

Frequency of treatment depends on the complication of the diagnoses. At Transformation Therapeutics, your treatment plan will take into consideration your time, your commitments and your financial restraints. We will take into consideration all factors and plan the frequency and time of treatments according to your needs with movement into a home program as fast as possible for independent management.

No. According to Colorado practice act an initial evaluation can be performed. If Medicare is the insurance then a doctor’s prescription will be needed to continue treatment and the plan of care after the initial evaluation.

Oftentimes people go to therapy only two or three times a week depending on their insurance and payment options. The responsibility for improvement falls on the individual, too. The stretching and strengthening exercises are really something that has to be done almost daily. You’re not going to get the progress or improvement you need just relying on going to your therapy visits, so you have to do exercises at home. And, by the way, we can always tell if someone is being good about doing his or her home exercise program or not.

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